September 25th, 2018

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Doze Dazed

My sleep schedule has gone very strange again. Today I kept cat-napping, dozing off for ten or fifteen minutes every hour or so. Since it takes several minutes for my brain to start functioning after sleep, even brief sleep, it was like almost half the day got subtracted. There were also a couple of very strange dreams, one of which was partly familiar. One of them involves speeding in a car along a narrow road from which a cliff plunges down at the very edge of crumbling asphalt. I don't like that dream. I'm asking it not to come back, but it probably will. If it does come back I'm asking it not to bring along a television actor to be driving the car, because that just makes it weirder.

Other bad news is that the forecast has reduced the chance of rain next Monday. Yesterday it was above 50% and now it's down to 38%. But it has added a 39% possibility of rain a week from Thursday. I hope this won't be one of those autumns when rain gets repeatedly predicted but never materializes. I could end up irrigating the plants clear into December. Longer if we also get a dry winter.

But at least the forecast is still saying it will get cooler on Saturday. The leaves are accumulating rapidly, and I need a couple of cool days for raking them. The yard is looking bigger than it used to. I think I must be shrinking. If I get small enough I can eat a lot less and save a lot of money on food. But I don't look forward to using the keyboard by jumping down onto it like Archy the cockroach. The process is tedious enough already. Also I have no idea if Portia would be as tolerant of a cockroach-sized creature as Mehitabel always was.