September 13th, 2018

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


The HVAC filter is washed and dried and ready for furnace season, which might begin any night now. Some cold ones will be coming up, and the days probably won't be warm enough to get the house heated for the lengthening nights. But at first I intend to just put on more layers of clothing because I want to put off increasing the gas bill as long as possible. I'm really going to need to be able to pay for that gas I'll be using in December.

Also the fact that Massachusetts appears to be exploding from leaky gas lines has me a bit worried. The gas line here just got replaced this summer, so maybe there's nothing to worry about, but then maybe the guys who installed it weren't very good at their jobs. One never knows. After all, they might have been Trump voters constantly being distracted by his latest tweets.

The thing distracting me is the buzzing of those persistent little crickets. The chill doesn't seem to be inhibiting them so far, and there are a couple of them near enough to the house that I can hear them even with the windows closed. Thank goodness small cricket season will soon be over. I'm really looking forward to the peaceful nights of autumn.

Now I'm going to go distract myself with microwaved lasagna and the Harry Potter movie one of the cable channels surprised me with. There's a bottle of Octoberfest beer to go with it. I might follow it up with a Kahlúa-based drink. Then I'll be really distracted.