September 8th, 2018

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


I heard a collision a few minutes ago, probably on the main road a block west. It wasn't a crunchy collision—more of a brief squeal of brakes and a loud thump, so it probably wasn't serious. In fact I haven't heard any sirens, so most likely no injuries. A few years ago I might have been curious enough to go see what it was about, but these days I don't much care about minor traffic accidents, and I'd really rather not see a major one. I'll just stay here and wait for the English people (and Australians) to murder one another on television. The Aussies start at eight, the English at nine.

The fire north of Lake Shasta is still growing, but at a mere 36,000 acres still much smaller than the last fire was (it maxed out at close to 400,000 acres.) So far the smoke is all blowing some other direction and we have a clear sky here. It's very nice to have fresh air and not be getting burned up ourselves. Can such luck possibly hold?

Shopping tomorrow, but again not too much that's on sale this week is worth buying. I'll have to get a couple of things at the regular prices, or do without them. Probably do without. Self-denial is supposed to be virtuous, or something. Except self-denial of beer. That's just stupid. I'm definitely buying beer.