September 7th, 2018


Random Crap

This morning I overslept and didn't get the windows open until almost eleven o'clock, but the house never got above 75 degrees all day anyway, despite considerable heat outside. It must have gotten quite chilly last night, but I slept through it. It should get even chillier tonight, but maybe not yet chilly enough to wake me up. Not when I've got a furry furnace curled up next to me, anyway.

I haven't seen the skunks in the back yard yet tonight, but I did smell one not too long ago, not too near but not too far away. The small cricket who is probably under my jasmine hedge is still buzzing loudly. It amazes me that something so small can make so much noise. They are truly the castanets of the insect world, though much less pleasant to listen to— although I doubt I'd like to have a castanet player living under my jasmine hedge, either.

This time of year my ability to keep track of time goes haywire. I had no idea it was after eleven o'clock already, but there it is. And I don't recall having eaten any dinner. Lunch was about three this afternoon so I ought to be hungry by now... oh, wait, I was munching on the Chex Mix again a while ago. I probably shouldn't buy any more once this package is gone. It wields far too much power over me.

Gnat flying around my face. I will go from here and hope it doesn't follow me.