September 4th, 2018

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


The missing feral cat turned up on the back porch this afternoon, acting as though nothing unusual had happened. I guess he isn't going to tell me anything about his three-day adventure, or misadventure. He didn't even seem particularly hungry, so maybe my first guess that he had caught some large prey was right, and it took him three days to eat it. Or perhaps he is two-timing me after charming some very easily charmed stranger into feeding him something better than I give him. I couldn't blame him. Dry Friskies must get awfully boring.

Since he is not being forthcoming I can't take any precautions against it happening again, or know if precautions even need to be taken. All he did was meow a greeting, get a few pets, munch a few snacks, drink some stale, warm water, sniff the other cat who lives in the back yard and then hiss at him, and then spend most of the rest of the afternoon next door, where there is no other cat. I love that kitty, and I'm happy he's home, but he is kind of a dick.

Today was trash day, and after reminding myself to take the wheelie bins out last night I remembered that yesterday was a holiday, and I couldn't remember if it was one of the holidays that leads to a one-day delay in pickup, and while I debated with myself whether I should go ahead and put the bins out anyway I ended up falling asleep early, and the next thing I knew the noise of the trash truck zipping past my house woke me up, and now I'll have two weeks worth of trash to put out next week, and some of it is getting whiffy because I don't have a functioning garbage disposal anymore, nor a compost heap on which to keep the whiffiness at a distance.

And what the hell is the deal with that long sentence? I just didn't get enough sleep last night, despite having collapsed early. And anyway I need to end this because I keep snacking on the Chex Mix I got really cheap at Safeway Sunday, and it's going to ruin my dinner. Goodnight, computer.