August 30th, 2018


Winding Down

It's supposed to be warmer tomorrow than it was today, and I don't care. The house is already cooled off tonight, and will retain plenty of chill all day tomorrow. The waning moon is rising without a trace of pink or even yellow in its light, and even though there seemed to be a haze over the valley all day the sky here was blue, so smoke from the wildfires is not a problem. I don't even mind that the small crickets are still making their annoying buzz. I'll be able to close the windows soon and shut their noise out. The end of August is being so much nicer than the earlier parts were!

But somehow the day has slipped away once again, leaving only the vaguest trace in my memory, as though it had fallen on deaf ears. But I'm not deaf (not entirely.) Just terribly inattentive these days, and forgetful. Maybe it's because I turned my brain off so much during the heat that it just doesn't want to be turned back on again. Perhaps I'll spend the rest of my life dazed and muddled. But I wonder who would notice?