August 20th, 2018


Anticipating Coolness

I'd forgotten how zoolike the stores get on Monday, but the shopping got done anyway, and I survived the task of pushing the carts through the sweltering parking lots. It looks like next week could be noticeably cooler— by about ten degrees— so maybe today will turn out to have been the last really hot shopping day I'll have to endure until next year. Tonight the low is supposed to get down to 65, and I'll be delighted if I wake up chilled early in the morning and have to put a blanket on.

This morning there was a power outage that lasted from just after nine o'clock until eleven. It turned out that a tree guy dropped a big oak leader onto a power line and it took out the electricity over much of the town. Some places lost their telephone and cable, too, though so many people have cell service these days I guess that wasn't such a big deal. But anybody who needed their air conditioning must have been severely pissed off.

This evening I'm almost sure I heard a jackass bray. I've heard it a couple of times before, but the distance is so great that I haven't been able to identify the beast. Today it seemed clearer, maybe because the breeze was coming from the southeast, helping it along. It sounds like it might be about half a mile off. There are a couple of large properties down that way where a jackass might live. I used to hear the distant whinny of a horse from that direction now and then, but it's been years since I've heard that.

Right now about all I'm hearing is the small crickets, who are in full voice tonight. Some people seem to enjoy them, but to me they are the insect world's equivalent of fingernails on a blackboard. Another reason to delight in the approaching end of summer: we'll be rid of both the oppressive heat and the noisy little bugs.

But shopping today instead of Sunday threw my brain off schedule, and I forgot that tonight is wheelie bin night. I'd better get that done right away. Then there's a frozen lasagna to microwave.