July 19th, 2018

bazille_summer scene


I was hoping I'd be able to turn the air conditioner off tonight, but the forecast suggests that I might not. It had to stay on all night last night. Next month's electric bill is going to be a killer, but I've just gotten too old to be able to tolerate the heat the way I once could.

The low tonight is supposed to be 73, so possibly I'll be able to get the windows open at some point close to dawn, if I'm still awake, but I'm sure the attic is stuffed with heat that will be radiating down into the house all night, so without the air conditioner the open windows and HVAC fan probably couldn't get the house below 78. It's always a few degrees hotter inside than outside by night because of that attic heat. I really need a new attic fan.

But even if I can't turn off the air conditioner tonight, I might be able to do it tomorrow night. The forecast for tomorrow has actually been revised downward rather than upward. It's supposed to be a mere 91 tomorrow and to get all the way down to 70 tomorrow night. Ordinarily I'd find that oppressive, but after the last few days it's going to seem delightful. I do hope it comes to pass.