July 1st, 2018

caillebotte_man at his window

Let it Be

Shopping was a trial, given the temperature of the parking lots (and the fact that the car has no air conditioning) but it was nice to spend a few minutes in the cool stores themselves. And for once I don't think I forgot anything. That might be because I have less money to spend than I usually do at the beginning of the month, since I have to be saving for the big insurance payment that comes due in August. Paring your shopping list down reduces the number of things that can be forgotten.

Last night was about as miserable as I expected, but tonight is supposed to be a bit cooler. It still won't go below 70, but it will get much closer than it did last night. Thankful for small favors. I really need to catch up on the lost sleep from the nights when the heat kept me waking up so frequently. If it doesn't happen tonight there's a good chance it will happen tomorrow night. What I am most looking forward to is Wednesday night, when it could drop below 60 for a while. Oh, the luxury!

Now, time for English people murdering one another on television.

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