June 28th, 2018

caillebotte_man at his window

Respite Ends

The last mildish day of the week is over, and the last cool night has begun. I watered the back yard and the back back yard, so the oleanders and such ought to be able to get through the coming hot spell without shriveling up. It's supposed to start cooling a bit again on Monday, and with luck by Tuesday it could be almost not entirely unpleasant. But first we must survive The Weekend From Hell. Or The Weekend IN Hell, more like.

A short while ago I saw the moon rising in the east-southeast, big and orange. It is still behind a tree, but shines through the branches, and is so orange that it makes it look like the tree is on fire. In a few minutes it will rise high enough to be clearly visible before it passes behind another tree, and then remain concealed by branches and leaves until after midnight, when it will emerge from behind my walnut tree. I intend to go out and see it, and then come in and watch English people in the West Indies murder one another on television.

I intend not to think about Americans murdering one another until after I've had a night's sleep. Hoping I don't dream about American murders.