June 26th, 2018


Long Winded on a Still Night

It looks like all five oleander bushes will survive. There are lots of new leaves, though so far no flowers have appeared. Other oleanders around town are full of blossoms right now. It's possible I won't get any this year, despite spending a small fortune on water to revive the plants.

Most of the parts of the jasmine hedge that died back during the long drought are also coming back, but one stretch looks like it won't. There are several individual plants along the hedge, and this one of them looks to be kaput. Adjacent plants are sending runners into its territory, but will probably never completely fill it. I think I'll have to put in anew plant if I ever want to see that part of the fence covered up again.

Alas, I've let the sourgrass dry out again. I remembered to water it a couple of times, but this afternoon I looked out the front window and saw that most of it was withered and brown. My front yard would do much better if I actually liked it, but I rarely go out there except to pass through on the way to the mailbox, and I don't go to the mailbox as often as I used to. I don't get much mail anymore.

I used to subscribe to almost a dozen magazines, plus a daily paper, but I'm down to three magazines now, two monthly and one semi-monthly. Those and the four or five bills I get every month are the only reason to go out there anymore. Most of the bills come in a cluster, as do the two monthly magazines. Sometimes I go a week with no new mail. I've almost forgotten what the front of the house looks like.

But at least the back yard is reasonably well cared for this year. Those plants that are no longer dying of thirst should thank the feral cats for getting me out there so often, so I see what's going on. I'd go out at night , cats or not, but I can't see what condition the plants are in when it's dark. If it weren't for the cats the back yard would probably look as bad as the front.

I'm going out to check on the cats right now, and to enjoy a bit of cool outdoor air. The house probably won't be as bad tonight as it was the last couple of nights, but the outside is still preferable. What is this, six paragraphs? I'm certainly long winded tonight.