June 21st, 2018



Solstice heat seeps through every crack around a door or window, radiates down from the attic, fills every room. Tomorrow will be worse, and there is little relief in sight after that. I don't relish the prospect of shopping this Sunday. It's going to be one of those days when I'd rather just hide in the house will all the shades drawn. Preferably naked (although cat claws could then be a problem.)

But I'll have to seize the opportunity that arises. Most likely going out won't kill me, but after going through one of those sun-baked parking lots I'll probably wish that it had. Plus there's always the chance that sleeping Saturday night will be so miserable that I'll already be dead by morning, and then the whole problem will be solved.

I'm hoping that sleeping won't be too difficult tonight, though the outdoor temperature won't drop down to the current indoor temperature until about ten o'clock, which is when I'll be able to open my windows for the night. Not much chance of capturing enough cool air tonight to get the house below seventy before the day starts heating it up again tomorrow. Ah, wretched season, and it only began today. Hurry, October!