May 6th, 2018

caillebotte_man at his window

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There was a cricket chirping in my back yard this evening. He fell silent when one of the feral cats drew near, and I haven't heard him since. The gloaming was already too deep for me to make out what was going on. The cat was a white form with gray gaps seen against the improbably dark green of the grass as he nosed about in the longer grass under a rose bush. I do hope the cat didn't find the cricket and eat it.

The shopping is done. For a while it looked like I might have to put it off until Tuesday due to a transportation issue, but that didn't happen. Still the transportation issue is not gone, and it means the appointment with the chiropractor I had scheduled for Tuesday will have to be put off. I don't know for how long, though. It might be just one week, but it depends on how many openings the chiropractor has in his schedule. I hope it's only one week.

The balmy days are continuing, and we've probably seen the last of the rain until fall. I irrigated some of the plants in the back yard this evening, and will probably water more of them tomorrow. My sleep schedule is still catawampus, but might be stabilizing just a bit. That would be useful. Also useful would be Portia getting off of my lap when I'm trying to use the computer. Odds are neither one will happen.

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