April 29th, 2018

caillebotte_man at his window

Sugar Rush

I was bad in Safeway and bought donuts. They had an oversupply and thus a surprise sale of a dozen assorted for $1.99. The were pre-packaged, so I couldn't pick exactly what I wanted, but I got a box with a decent selection. Safeway doesn't make the best donuts, but at tat price they were a little over 16 cents each. When I was a kid donuts were a nickel, and now even Safeway's donuts are 79 cents, though a nickel adjusted for inflation from about 1955 would be close to fifty cents, so at the back of my mind was the thought that buying these donuts now would be like getting them for less than two cents each in 1955. How could I resist making myself sick so cheaply?

Nobody ever said I had good judgment.

The rain didn't amount to much in the end. I don't know how much fell overnight, but the yard was not very wet when I went out this morning. But then just after one o'clock this afternoon there was a sudden cloudburst, and everything got drenched. It didn't last very long— it was over in less than ten minutes— and that one cloudburst probably brought almost all the rain we've gotten from this storm. Birds and feral cats scurried for cover, the downspouts flowed noisily, and sudden puddles appeared, reflecting the blustery sky. Half an hour later it was all sunlight, and a landscape of grass and shrubs and trees bejeweled with bright drops of water.

No traces of rain fell during my shopping trip. When I got home I decided to spoil my dinner by eating a couple of those cheap donuts. They won't stay fresh for long. In a couple of days they'll be stale, with watery spots on them. I'm sure the nephew will be glad to come around and wolf at least half of them down before it comes to that. And if he's eating cheap donuts he can't be eating my more expensive foods. Or at least he'll eat less of them. That means they were a good investment after all.

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