April 21st, 2018

caillebotte_the balcony

Spring, To Be Sure

Balmy days have arrived, and there is at least a week of warm weather ahead, with no more rain is sight. The nights will stay cool for some time to come, though. I won't be needing the air conditioner, and if I manage to get the windows open long enough to capture warmth during the balmy parts of the days I probably won't be running the furnace by night, either. I should get a break on the utility bill this month.

All over town the dogwoods are blooming, as I saw when going to the stores this afternoon. My lilacs are blooming, too, but they aren't doing too well this year. The cold spell might have damaged the buds, or perhaps they got rained on at the wrong time. At least they are doing better than the oleanders along the back fence. All five of them are covered with brown leaves and are clearly dying. It's possible that I ought to have watered them more over the dry parts of winter, but it's also possible that they, too, were damaged, but more severely, by the series of cold spells we had this winter.

The gas company appears to be done with their project replacing the lines in the neighborhood. The holes along the street have been filled with fresh asphalt, though it looks like the patches haven't been run over by the roller yet. That will probably happen next week. There have been no explosions during the project, and I haven't smelled gas leaking, so I'm guessing they did it right.

So the router is replaced and the Internets are reconnected, the noisy construction work is almost over, and the cold weather is probably gone for the season, and there will soon be jasmine and gardenias scenting the air. A time of serenity will be welcome. I still need to get the dryer fixed, but in the meantime I will at least have sunlight for drying clothes. I wonder what terrible thing is about to happen to ruin it all?