April 6th, 2018

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


It rained quite furiously at times today, and I think the spot where water spills from the roof gutter instead of running through the downspout (which must be clogged) will now be a pretty deep hole. It's been nice listening to it, though, and I suppose I can fill the hole with gravel once the rain stops, which probably won't be until Sunday. It is probably going to rain all night tonight, and intermittently Saturday night. The weather web site says we've only had 2.18 inches today, but it looked like way more than that to me.

There's been some wind, too, and my back porch is wet all the way across, which I'm sure is displeasing to the feral cats. They meow loudly at me, as though I could turn it off. Sorry, cats. You'll get a mild, dry day Monday, when it is predicted to get up to 76 degrees. Then later in the week it will get chilly and rainy again. Weather whiplash.

The rain is so noisy I can't tell if the frogs are croaking or not. I like to imagine them having a great party, hopping about in the sogginess, feasting on waterlogged insects, singing loudly. But I can't hear them over the racket the rainfall is making— especially that waterfall that is coming off the corner of my porch roof.

I'm sure glad the roofing got replaced a couple of years ago, because if it hadn't I'd need to be using an umbrella indoors, and I don't know where the hell my umbrella is, if I even have one anymore. As it is I get a choice of being dry indoors or wet outside. The outdoor cats would be so envious of me and the indoor cats if they knew that.