March 31st, 2018


Out Like a Limn

I forgot that English people would murder one another on television tonight and ended up missing the murder, but there was an attempted murder later. Half a corpse is better than none. Now I'm going to go watch Canadians murder one another on a different channel. Canadians don't have quite the flair for homicide the English do, but at least they're usually not as lackadaisical and half-arsed in their approach to it as Americans typically are.

There was fresh air today, which I enjoyed even though it was laced with pollen. I've been having odd dreams and restless sleep the last few days, and I'm pretty sure the pollen is at fault for that, too. I'm convinced that at least some of it has psychoactive properties. Pollen should probably be illegal, and the plants producing it should be locked up. They are having sex in public, and getting people high to boot! Something must be done about it!

The moon looks full tonight. This is probably the last full moon of the year while the trees are still bare. There are nice shadows to watch. I'll go out and watch them after the Canadians are done with their slaughter.

Goodbye, March!