March 23rd, 2018

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


A mostly sunny morning gradually gave way to a mostly cloudy afternoon, which was succeeded by a blustery evening that is expected to turn into a stormy night— though considerably less stormy than had been predicted only yesterday. Though it feels very cold outside, the prediction for snow has been all but canceled, with only a brief period after midnight Saturday likely to bring any at all.

The entire remainder of the storm is now expected to bring less than an inch of rain. What is probably winter's last gasp will be gaspy indeed. By Wednesday, temperatures will be back up to springtime standards, and it is likely that the flowers can safely begin to bloom and the trees to begin producing new leaves. I'll be glad to see them.

My feral cats will be glad that there are only a few more cold nights they must endure before they get some good rodent hunting weather. The frogs, on the other hand, so vocal tonight, will soon run short of water and their music will fade as their numbers diminish. But it won't be long before the mild evenings begin to resound with the songs of the crickets.

Which reminds me that, insect season being upon us, I should soon clean out all those places likely to harbor black widow spiders. I got very lucky last year and had no infestations, not even in the garage, but there still might be a few well-hidden egg packages here and there that could soon produce young spiders. I'll take my trusty barbecue lighter to them before they hatch, if I find any.

All that's left to do tonight is to fix something to eat before I settle down in front of the television and let it put me to sleep. Friday is usually not a very good television night, but I can probably find something worth sleeping to. If not, I can always drink a bit of rum or vodka. It's such a blessing to be a cheap drunk.