March 14th, 2018

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Boom Time

An electrical storm came up this afternoon. I didn't see any lightning, but could hear frequent thunder for almost an hour. The rain has stopped, and the clouds have parted here and there to reveal stars. It is very cold, so I can easily imagine the next wave of clouds, due later tonight, to bring a bit of snow. So far the frogs don't seem to mind the cold, and are singing happily. The dogs, who barked all afternoon, have fallen silent, so I have no trouble hearing the frogs. The chattering of my teeth alone isn't loud enough to drown them out.

I'm running late again tonight, due to the fact that I had to shut the Internets down during the thunderstorm, and then got distracted reading and didn't get back to it for a couple of hours. Now I have to heat and eat something for dinner.
Funny how the evenings now seem shorter even though they've just gotten longer.