March 3rd, 2018


The Drying

Drat! I got hung up on the Internets and totally forgot that English people were murdering one another on television tonight. The rum and Dr. Pepper (with a bit of soda because Dr. Pepper is too sweet) didn't help, I'm sure. Also forgot to eat dinner. But at least I got plenty of sleep last night, which probably also contributed, since I didn't get up until almost noon.

When I did get up there was water gushing from the roof as last night's snow melted away in the bright sun. I don't know exactly how much snow we got, as it was just about gone already. More tried to fall later, when the sun went behind some dark clouds, but rain soon came and dissolved it. There might be more flurries tonight and early tomorrow morning, but I'm sure they will get washed away, too, and any that doesn't will melt off when the sun emerges tomorrow afternoon.

The next storm is still expected to arrive late Wednesday, but it will not be cold enough to bring any more snow at this elevation. Although I've seen snow here as late as April, I don't think we can expect any more this year. The Sierra ski resorts got some snow— one of them close to six feet, but others not so much— but the total for the year so far, which is apt to be pretty close to the total for the season, is still way too low to provide much water next summer.

The reservoirs are still full from last year's abundant snowfall, but it won't take long to draw them down if there is little new snow to melt into them. Odds are that next year will be as bad, or maybe even worse. It's looking grim. When the whole state is in flames and there's nothing to put on the fires I'll wish I'd been shivering in the dark with five feet of snow piled around my house tonight.

I'd better go eat something while there is still food. At this rate it will be impossible to grow anything but cactus apples here by 2020.