March 2nd, 2018



Snow began falling about an hour before sunset, after a day of intermittent rain. A few hours later a slightly warmer patch of the storm must have arrived, because it started raining again, and now the inch or so of snow on the ground is getting pocked. There will probably be another period of snow later tonight and early tomorrow morning, then more rain tomorrow afternoon, and then just a bit more snow early Sunday, which will then be washed by more rain.

Altogether we probably won't get more than three inches of snow, much of which will get melted away by rain. A far cry from the 1-16 inches that were first expected. So, cold enough to be uncomfortable, but not enough snow to cover the landscape in a lasting white blanket. And now I'm going back to the television and my own fuzzy, dry blankets, under which I will huddle until tomorrow. Unless there is some drastic change it looks like I will be going shopping Sunday afternoon.

If I yawn any more the cats will think I'm going to swallow them.