February 26th, 2018



There was snow again today, alternating with rain for a while, and it was pretty heavy stuff. A couple of my bushes were bent from the weight of it, and one of my rose bushes had an entire section that snapped off. It was already partly melted (or more accurately dissolved by rain) by the time I got up, so I don't know for sure how much there was, but crushing bushes indicates considerable weight. More snow fell later in the day, so there's still an inch or so covering all of the ground except the street and those areas protected by trees or shrubs or eaves.

I expect it all to melt off tomorrow, which will be sunny, but another storm is due Wednesday evening, and the likelihood of mores snow from Thursday evening through Saturday afternoon remains high. In fact the forecast is predicting from 7-14 inches over that period at this elevation, which would be quite a storm even at the lower estimate. As it's been such along time since we've had that much snow in a short time, there are probably a lot of old branches (and utility lines) that haven't been tested by snowstorms and are likely to snap from the weight, and that will increase the odds of a power outage. I'm looking forward to the snow, but not to being without electricity.

The guys from PG&E probably aren't happy about this. And it happens that the company has plans to work on the gas line on my block this week. I wonder if this will delay the project? But they'll surely be making a lot of money off of me this month, project or not.

While this storm has probably added a little bit to the snowpack, it won't be very much. The next storm could add considerably more, but still nowhere near enough to offset the dryness of the season so far. No part of the Sierra has reached more than 23% of the seasonal average for April 1, and most of it is still well below 20%. It would take a lot of storms to reach the seasonal average on schedule, and that's unlikely to happen. The coming storm will be a March storm, but so far it doesn't look like it will be a March miracle.