February 24th, 2018


Belated Friday Post

As I expected, the snow all melted away by early afternoon except in a few shady spots. The downspouts were trickling for a couple of hours as the snow on the roof melted, and by the time they stopped mots of the lawn was exposed, too.

Oh, dear. I wrote two lines then went to watch English people murder one another on television, but fell asleep and didn't wake up until today. Then I spent a couple of hours watching Americans murder one another on television (far less engaging, but I was groggy so it didn't matter that much) and then ate some breakfast, since I never got around to eating dinner last night, and here it is Saturday and I'm at loose ends and still groggy.

So distracted. Now I've forgotten to post the entry I belatedly completed four hours ago. I should go back to sleep before I hurt myself, or a cat. Or a cat devours me. It could happen.