February 19th, 2018

gericault_raft of the medusa 1


This afternoon the deranged weather brought a few flurries of popcorn snow, a little bit more than we had yesterday. The actual snow which had been predicted for later in the week has vanished from the forecast, though a narrow window of snowpportunity has appeared for very early Thursday morning. Most likely I'll be asleep at that time, and it probably won't happen anyway. Everything about the weather is up in the air this month. The cold, cold air.

The soreness in my back has been very gradually diminishing, so I haven't yet made any extra appointment with the chiropractor. I'm hoping to avoid it, although if I do end up needing it, it will at least not be as much of a strain on my budget due to the surprising fact that my gas and electric bill was about fifty dollars less than I'd expected. Next month's bill will probably be higher than I'd planned for though, thanks to this ten-and-counting days of uncommonly cold weather.

Whoa, just sat on the couch for a minute and dozed off, and now a couple of hours have passed. Way to get things done. I've been sleeping a lot recently. Maybe it's the relentless chill in the air, even with the furnace going. Or maybe it's the furnace. Maybe I'm getting carbon monoxide poisoning. I suppose I should have the thing serviced. But right now I have to get the wheelie bins out. I don't think Presidents Day is one of the holidays that causes a one-day delay in the pickup.

Need dinner too. Does carbon monoxide poisoning make you hungry?