February 18th, 2018

caillebotte_man at his window


The online weather forecast greets me with the news that tomorrow will be much colder than today. So will the next day, and the next, and the next, and so on for at least nine days. There will be nine nights of freezing cold. Today a flurry of popcorn snow fell as I was leaving the first grocery store. There must have been rain early this morning or late last night as the streets were damp when I woke, but I slept through it. It was cold all day, even when the sun came out, even when there was a sunshower.

So that's what I'm looking at. At least a week of actual winter, and a prediction of snow this coming Thursday, and maybe a bit more the following Monday morning. Well, we'll be glad to have it, and any rain that comes along as well, as the mountain snowpack is thin and the water situation next summer is looking grim. But the storms aren't very wet, and the forecast never quite reaches 100% for any of the predicted rain and snow days, so there might not be much snow in those storms, and anyway its too late in the season to catch up with the shortfall even if we were to get a whole series of storms that actually are wet. Which we almost certainly won't.

But I managed to get the shopping done, and will not starve for another week at least, and din't even feel miserably cold doing it. The feeling miserable will probably come tomorrow when I go outside to feed he feral cats and dump the ice out of their water bowls and replace the water, assuming the pipes aren't frozen, but I won't have to go anywhere and can just stay indoors burning money in the form of gas for the furnace. The cats are the ones who will be really miserable. The ones who don't fight with Portia will get to come in for the night, of course, if they are brave enough.

Anyway. The shopping took a big chunk out of the day, most of the earlier part of which I slept away. I should go cook one of the things I bought today, then watch television from under a pile of blankets. It's supposed to hit 33 degrees around ten o'clock. Then get back up to 42 sometime tomorrow afternoon. Brrr. So weird. So disorienting.

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