February 17th, 2018


Hello, Winter Part II

Today was the last fairly mild day we're likely to have for quite some time. There could be rain later tonight, and tomorrow morning as well. It will probably be over by the time I have to go shopping tomorrow afternoon. A bigger problem might be waking up early enough to get ready in time.

Today I woke up about six o'clock in the morning after sleeping a bit less than four hours. Then I couldn't get back to sleep until around eight o'clock. I thought I'd wake up again by noon, but didn't until two o'clock this afternoon. If that happens tomorrow, as draggy as I get for the first hour or so after waking up, I'd never be able to get ready by three, when I'm supposed to leave.

I checked the forecast from a weather station that's about half a mile up the ridge, at an elevation mot much higher than mine, and next week there are three periods when they might be getting snow. The series of storms late next week won't be very large, but they will be pretty cold, so there is some slight chance of snow this far down. Of course there's no certainty that we'll even get rain. What we'll certainly get is cold.

There is enough cash on hand that I won't have to do triage on my shopping list this week, but unfortunately there isn't very much stuff I want on sale, either. I'll have to decide if I want to get a few things at full price, or save more of the money for next week and hope there are more sale items I want then. One of the things that is on sale this week is ramen, so I might end up eating a lot of that. At least it's suitable for the cold weather we'll be getting.

Tonight I'm microwaving the last of the frozen fish sticks and French fries. It will be quick, so I can be ready to watch English people murder one another on television at nine o'clock with appropriate "fish and chips" of a sort. It's a full life I lead. Or is it a leaden life, and I'm full of it?