February 16th, 2018

gericault_raft of the medusa 1

Won't Stand For It, or Sit Still For It

The season is being very annoying. Full-on winterness, minus the snow, is now predicted for several upcoming days. From Sunday to Sunday the highs will be in the forties or fifties, and every night will be freezing or below. If this is right then there go all the blossoms all over town, including my camellias and sourgrass, and also the new growth on my rose bushes. Chances of rain are predicted now and then, but never more than 50% and usually substantially less. I strongly disapprove of this behavior. I'm sure the feral cats will, too.

My back remains irritable, and I can neither sit nor stand for very long. The only position that I can stay in for long is horizontal, so I'll be going off to watch the television now. English people murdering one another tonight, so at least I've got that. I might have to make an extra appointment with the chiropractor if it doesn't get better this weekend. Bad timing for the extra payment, though, since the cold spell means I'll be getting a larger gas bill than I"d expected in March.