February 9th, 2018

gericault_raft of the medusa 1


It remained fairly mild today despite the arrival of an extensive cloud cover though which the sun managed to gleam brightly even though it was never entirely clear of the celestial vapor. But now the false spring is coming to an end, or at least diminishing somewhat, and we are predicted to have nine days when it will never rise above the mid-sixties. There is even some (albeit still small) chance of rain beginning next Friday and continuing at least through Sunday. I won't hold my breath, of course, as weather reports in these parts are inclined to be highly unreliable anymore.

Today I would have held my breath, if I could, as I have sneezed several times, and my lower back still being out of place, each sneeze was accompanied by a sharp pain. With the quick cooling of evening I also developed a bit of a cough, which is also making my back feel like it is being stabbed. Surprisingly, I slept quite soundly last night, once I did get to sleep, and then slept a few hours more later this morning after being awake for about two somewhat miserable hours. Getting up each time was excruciating, though, and very time consuming. I am moving like a sloth. Of course as far as I know sloths don't yowl, which I do every time I get my back into an uncomfortable position, which, when I am moving, is frequently.

It is almost four days until I will be getting adjusted by the chiropractor, but I don't like to remember how long it is. Also I don't like to remember that when my back is as much out of whack as it is now, one appointment is unlikely to be sufficient to do more than provide temporary relief. I might have to go again the next week, and maybe have more frequent appointments for quite some time.

This is a bad time of year to be doing that, as I've only just begun paying my insurance deductible, and those cold weather utility bills are already putting a big dent in my savings for the fire insurance that comes due in August, and which will probably be quite a bit larger than last year's was since the insurance companies in California will want to be clawing back as much as they can of the money they had to pay out because of last year's fires.

Anyway. Another miserable night to look forward to, but I think there might be English people murdering one another on television tonight, and misery does love company, especially English company that gets murdered or sent to prison.

::cough:: OW! ::cough:: OW!