February 7th, 2018

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

The Terrible Mild

It turned out to be warmer today than had been predicted. I compensated for this distressing turn of events by opening my windows for a few hours. Though terrorized by the thought of warm, dry days persisting through the remainder of the season, at least I got to air out the house. And there is one small ray (or drop, more accurately) of hope on the horizon: The forecast for next Monday now includes a 24% chance of rain between midmorning and late afternoon. I know that's a long way off, and the chance is slight, but I will cling to it with all my thirsty might.

While I haven't been sneezing, I think there must be a bit of pollen getting into the air, as I've got one of those irritating spring sinus headaches. It isn't strong enough to justify even an aspirin, but just strong enough to be constantly annoying. Theres a bit of a breeze coming up tonight, after a still afternoon, but it was close to actually windy earlier this morning, and I suspect that tomorrow will be much the same, so I won't be surprised if the headache persists tomorrow.

Several of the big ponderosas in the neighborhood are displaying lots of brown needles, indicating infestation with those insects who gradually kill the trees. There hasn't been enough cold this year to knock the insect population down. It's likely that several trees will have to be cut down this year. They are too far gone to be saved, and if they aren't removed they will become hazards. The neighborhood already looks more like ordinary suburbia than it does like the inhabited woodland it was when I first saw it some thirty-odd years ago. Soon it will look even more conventionally suburban. Goodbye, forest. I'll miss you.