February 3rd, 2018



So the shopping trip didn't happen today after all, and will be tomorrow. The nephew had given me the message about it being today and apparently got it garbled because he can't keep track of the days of the week even as well as I can. So. Dinner was not what I'd planned, and I have to go three days without a donut for breakfast after all.

Today was probably peak balminess, for the time being. The windows got opened before eleven o'clock and stayed open until almost five o'clock. It ought to cool off just a bit tomorrow, but it wills till be a window day. Tonight is still a frog night, and also a bird night. I've heard a couple of flocks of waterfowl flying north. There weren't any for the last couple of nights, and I'd begun to think they had all departed already, but apparently some were waiting for still warmer weather. But there can't be many remaining now.

Despite the canceled shopping trip I'm still running behind time. English people murder one another on television again tonight, and it begins now. Off I go.