December 16th, 2017



The shopping is done, and I spent every penny available, including some of my loose change stash. The cold weather at the beginning of November really messed with my cash flow. It's undoubtedly going to get worse when actual winter arrives, which is why I lowered my thermostat by another degree. I'll probably have to raise it back up shortly, though, as having this amount of chill in the house is more immediately annoying than the cash flow which the more comfortable temperature messes with. Something like that. My chilled brain doesn't think very well.

Among today's purchases are some canned tamales to heat up for dinner. I will probably put some extra hot sauce on them. If I can't be warm enough outside at least I can get warmer inside.

Oh, the prediction of rain next Tuesday night-Wednesday morning is up to almost 75%, though the temperature is still only expected to be 34, so not quite cold enough for snow. If it's going to be that cold it might as well get a bit colder, so at least I get some snow out of the misery.

English people are about to murder one another. Must go watch.