December 10th, 2017

caillebotte_man at his window


Shopping over and done with for another week, I can spend the next few days just enjoying the unseasonable mildness. We're still running as much as ten degrees above the normal daytime highs and five degrees above the normal nighttime lows. Because there has been no rain for a while the fallen leaves are getting nice and dry and shriveling up, so they ought to be much easier to rake up and get into the wheelie bins. My natural pessimism is telling me this will all have to be paid for later on, but I intend to ignore it. Burn that bridge when we come to it.

The Grocery Outlet got in a new supply of the very inexpensive pre-brewed coffee I like, so I picked some up. Unfortunately they no longer have the small cinnamon sugar donuts that go so well with it, so I guess I'll have to make cinnamon toast instead. Anyway, there's breakfast for the next week.

Dinners will be a bit more of a problem, as the oven is broken. I think it might be only the heating element that's broken, but I have to get a nephew to look at it to be sure. I can't afford to replace the whole oven right now, but I could probably afford a new heating element. Until it's fixed I'm stuck with the microwave for oven-related cookery, and as there are very few things I like cooked by microwaves I'll be eating a lot of stove top stuff. And just when the weather is cool enough to make oven usage not a problem.

Sleeping is getting stranger. I wake up frequently, and have fragments of strange dreams in my head, which soon vanish, leaving only a vague uneasiness. I wonder if the cat is doing this just to mess with me? Yeah, that's probably it. Not another sign of onrushing dementia. No, not that at all.

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