December 7th, 2017

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Strange December

To my surprise, the afternoon grew mild enough that I was able to open my windows for two hours. It wasn't much warmer outside than the 66 degrees I've had the thermostat set for in the house, so I didn't capture any free heat for the night, but at least I got an unexpected gift of fresh air. Even now the house smells better than it has for days. Which reminds me, it's probably time to clean the HVAC filter. Another thing I keep forgetting to do.

There could be a few more mild days ahead, so maybe I will get more fresh air. One thing there isn't ahead is rain. The next nine days are predicted to be dry, and most of them sunny, so it looks like the autumn days we skipped in November are on the way now. Of course the leaves are already mostly gone, so it isn't going to look like autumn, but at least it will feel like autumn, and maybe my December gas bill will even be a bit lower than I'd feared.

Another odd thing is that the camellia bushes outside my window that usually get buds in January or February have them already. I'll be interested to see if they actually start blooming during the mild days upcoming. Then it will feel like autumn but the camellias will make it look just a little bit like March. And it Southern California keeps burning all I'll have to do to feel like it's summer will be to watch fire videos. The only thing missing will be winter. I expect to hear geese flying north anytime now.