November 28th, 2017


More of the Same

It's awfully chilly outside, and I think it froze my brain last time I went out there. My brain was fried most of the summer and now will be frozen most of the winter. I ought to live in a place that stays mild most of the time, like Hawaii. I'm too old for this four season crap.

I finally heard some trumpeter swans flying over this evening, but they didn't show themselves. For the most part the sky has been pretty quiet lately. There is one bird that chirps for a few minutes every evening, but I haven't heard any woodpeckers or crows lately. The dove that hung around last winter and all through summer is gone. I hope the cats didn't eat it.

There are some mushrooms getting old in my refrigerator and I intend to put them in some ramen with carrots and zucchini for dinner. So far the only thing I've eaten today is donuts. And if it weren't for those mushrooms going bad I'd probably eat nothing but still more donuts for the rest of the night. Something about wintry weather makes me crave donuts. I just wish I'd thought to heat up some apple cider to go with them.

Grocery ads come out tomorrow. Maybe there'll be some better food on sale this week.