November 20th, 2017



The sound of soft rain has continued most of the day, but is now tapering off. Tomorrow will be mild, Wednesday positively warm, and the next two days slightly less mild than tomorrow, though a few showers are now predicted for Thursday. I'm looking forward to this break, especially since November has thus far been considerably chillier than is normal here. I don't anticipate a moderate December, or January or February, so I'm aware that the memory of these few days might have to keep me contented until March.

There's lasagna for dinner, but I have to get the wheelie bins out to the street first. Well, the trash bin anyway, as the yard waste bin is already out there. There was a huge pile of leaves from the back back yard to go, and there will be more over the next few weeks. The mulberry in the front yard hasn't even begun to seriously shed yet. Once it does, I'll be getting more sunlight through my window, which will be nice. The mulberry provides excellent shade during the summer, but it hangs on to its leaves much to late in the year.

And R.I.P. Della Reese: