November 16th, 2017

5th street los angeles 1905

Those Were the Days

The Internet devouring another day. I got hung up on looking at old photographs again, and thereby fell into nostalgia, which is a pit often difficult to climb out of. When this sort of thing happens it always occurs to me that I might be better off if I just drank myself into a stupor instead. But then Internet is something I'm going to pay for anyway, and I'd have to spend quite a bit of additional money to buy liquor, so it's surely cheaper just to let the digital world drag me into oblivion.

What I was oblivious to was a gray, intermittently rainy day. It's raining pretty hard right now, but should end before dawn and the forecast promises sunshine tomorrow, though, once again, not much warmth. The next rainstorm is still due on Monday, and could continue off and on through next Friday. An entire week of wetness! The fallen leaves will never get dry enough to make raking them anything other than unpleasant!

The day of shopping has not yet been determined, but my list is made out, more or less. I still have to trim it a bit because there are too many pies on sale this week. I should limit myself to two— one fresh from the bakery and one frozen to keep for later. But I have to decide which flavors to get, and which brand of frozen pie. Thank goodness this is the sort of problem we have to deal with around the holidays. I'm getting too old to be making decisions all the time. I just want to get drunk and wallow in Internet nostalgia.