November 6th, 2017



It's feeling like winter has started early, and the long range forecast predicts no significant change. It will be cold and frequently rainy for the next ten days. The next big rainstorm is due Wednesday afternoon and could continue through Friday afternoon. There will be nights when the temperatures will drop to near freezing. This usually doesn't happen so early in the late year. I keep thinking maybe there will be one last mild spell before real winter arrives, but each passing week makes that more unlikely. The thing I dislike most about winter is the same thing I dislike most about summer: the monotony. Well, for winter, that and the huge gas bills.

I don't know why I'm so distracted today. My mind has wandered enough that, had it been walking, it would have reached Toledo by now, I'm sure. Concentration is almost impossible. I have yet to put the wheelie bins out, because I keep forgetting. I don't think it's the time change that has brought this on. In fact aside from a bit of surprise at how early it is when I look at the clock, I've barely noticed that change. Well, maybe I'll feel more attentive to reality after I've had dinner. Now if I can remember to actually fix it before my mind wanders off again.