November 1st, 2017


Winter Approaches

So. I got to see the near-full moon rising this evening, looking pale in the fading sky. There was a bird solemnly chirping nearby, but I never saw it. A spider who had gotten trapped in the sink on the back porch a couple of days ago was gone. She had probably finally figured out how to climb up the handle of the hammer I'd placed in the sink for that purpose yesterday afternoon. The slick walls of the sink had been unclimbable for her, and there was no way I was picking her up and putting her somewhere else. She was a mean-looking spider.

I probably won't get to see the full moon as the sky is going to turn cloudy and tomorrow night the rain will begin. It is likely to rain all day Friday (the forecast is predicting two inches), so it's unlikely I'll be going shopping that day. There could be a dryish window of opportunity Saturday afternoon, though the clouds will be hanging around for the next four days. If I can't shop on Saturday, I'll be expecting to get wet on Sunday. The next sunshine isn't predicted to appear until next Tuesday. I'm sure I'll be ready for it, even though it will still be quite chilly out. None of the next ten days will be as mild as today was, and today was only mildly mild.

The new computer is behaving decently so far, but it's still a hassle getting everything set up the way I want. Or as near tot he way I want as I'm capable of getting it. When I shut it down last night it downloaded 92 updates, and then spent several minutes installing them when I powered it up this afternoon.

Now I'm going to go heat something up for dinner. Had I remembered earlier I'd have stuck a potato or two in the oven to bake, now that I don't have to worry about getting the kitchen too hot. Maybe I'll remember tomorrow.