October 24th, 2017

caillebotte_man at his window

Gadget Revolt

The computer misbehaved badly again this evening, sucking up a couple of hours of my time. I finally got it more or less fixed, and can use it again, though it doesn't look quite right yet. It changed its display after crashing, and though I've reset it four times already I'm sure it's still off. I just can't remember what the settings were before. It's likely that this machine will have a shorter lifespan than the last one. If it goes on as it has been it will soon reach Sluggo dimensions of evil.

Last night it turned out I didn't leave the windows open until midnight after all. I left them open all night, and still found it too warm for sleeping comfortably. It will be better tonight, even though it was actually a bit warmer today than it was yesterday, as the night is cooling off a bit more rapidly and is going to get a bit chillier. Tomorrow will be warm, but several degrees cooler than today. The mini-heat wave is over, and now it's going to be just unseasonably mild for the rest of the week.

Thanks to the computer's annoying behavior I'm running late again. I think there's still some stuff I didn't get around to, but I'm too muddled to remember what. Ah, well, if it's important I'll probably remember it just as I'm nodding off to sleep. That's the way it usually goes.