October 21st, 2017

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

The Road to Ruin Has No Gastric Bypass

Late this afternoon I checked for walnuts under the tree, but found only a couple of them, those still in their green jackets, and a few fragments of broken shells left by the raccoons and squirrels. None ready to eat. It's looking pretty bad for me. If I needed those walnuts to survive, I'd be a cadaver before this winter was over, with fat raccoons and squirrels gloating over my famished remains no doubt. Unless, of course, the raccoons and squirrels found their way into my stew pot. Then I'd be the one gloating.

But I don't really need the walnuts, so if I don't get more than a few this year I won't begrudge the varmints their bounty. After all, they have to stay outdoors all winter, while I'll be in a warm— well, warmish— house. And I'll have snacks, like jalapeño and cheddar jack Cheez-Its, which is what I'm snacking on right now, since I haven't had my dinner yet and I want to ruin it. I was never allowed to ruin my dinner when I was a kid, and now I'm taking full advantage of being an adult to do things kids like to do. The irony is as delicious as the crackers. I doubt raccoons and squirrels get to enjoy irony. Score another point for me!

The cool days have been nice for a change, but I'm ready for tomorrow's warmer weather. I'm especially ready for tomorrow night, when the low is predicted to be 13 degrees higher than tonight's. That means that even if the furnace doesn't stay off all night, at least it won't run very much. After that, the days get still warmer, but the nights start getting cooler again, but since I'll have more warm air to trap during the days I'll probably still be able to minimize the furnace activity for several nights. If the current forecast is correct, there won't be another night as cold as tonight until a week from this coming Monday.

For the first time in about three weeks I remembered the show with English people murdering one another that has been running on Saturday nights, so I checked the schedule and, rats, it isn't on tonight. I guess I should be satisfied that I got an hour and a half of English people murdering one another on television last night, but I'm not. You can never have too much English television murder. It's the best kind!

Well, I'm sure I'll find something else to watch while eating my ruined dinner.