October 14th, 2017

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


I could smell a bit of smoke in the air this evening, but it was fresh most of the day and now the wind, which is kicking up a bit, has veered around to the north and cleared the stench out. Both local fires are now 85% contained, and have made only scant advances in the last 24 hours. The other side of the state is still far worse off, with maximum containment of 50% on the most destructive fires, and now well over 200 square miles burned.

Rain is still being predicted for our locality next Thursday, with an 88% chance and as much as an inch and a half possible. I doubt there will be as much in the Napa-Sonoma area, but I'm sure whatever falls will be welcome— unless so much falls that it triggers mudslides and flooding.

The days should continue to be warm until the rain arrives, but the nights are already so chilly that the furnace has been running at least part of every early morning. Too bad they can't pipe some of that wasted heat from the fires to me. There's probably been enough to heat a huge number of houses all winter.

Raccoons have been raiding the walnut tree every night. Between them and the daily squirrel invasion I don't know how many nuts will be left for me this year. The crop was a decent size, but many are dropping with their green skins still intact, and those I just leave for the beasts. Of course they are also taking many from the tree itself, so the supply is dwindling rapidly. If I want walnuts this year I might end up having to buy them from the supermarket.

The Internet is also still cutting out for quite a while every evening. I don't know what it's up to in the morning because I've been sleeping later recently. Oh, and I forgot it was Saturday and missed tonight's episode of English people murdering one another, but then I did get two unexpected episodes last night so I have no good reason to complain about it. But I need to set up an email notification about those shows for myself, since I'm almost always on the Internets on Saturday evenings.

I also forgot to eat a sandwich for lunch today, so I'm going to eat one for my late dinner. I like sandwiches better when its warm outside, but I don't want the rolls going stale so I'll eat it now.