October 13th, 2017


Friday the Thirteenth!

OMG it was Friday the thirteenth and I went shopping and didn't die! The worst thing that happened was that Safeway didn't give me three discounts I was expecting, but it's possible I misunderstood the hoops I was expected to jump through in order to get them so I didn't protest. It was only about three bucks, anyway, and the discounts I did get took my bill down from something like $112 to just over $53, so there was no point in being churlish about the whole thing.

And I've got foodz. And the cats have foodz. And I've got beer. The cats can make do with water (which they prefer to beer anyway.) On the whole, not a bad unlucky day. A better than average unlucky day, in fact. Plus I now get two hours of English people murdering one another on television. It has already begun, so this entry is complete.