October 11th, 2017

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Still Unburnt

The wind kicked up a bit for a while this morning, but for most of the day there have just been variable breezes. Sometimes I've been able to smell smoke, and sometimes I haven't, but the haven't has predominated. The fire on the other side of town has grown a bit, to 150 acres (it's been very slow) but is still only 40% contained. The more distant fire below my side of town has expanded to 8,360 acres, but is now 45% contained, so there has been some progress toward getting it put out.

This is a real contrast with the fires on the other side of the coast range, where containment of most of them ranges from 2% to 10%. Authorities are even issuing new evacuation advisories over there, though no new evacuation orders have come down recently. A huge part of Santa Rosa is still evacuated, including two of its three hospitals, but for the moment it doesn't look like any more of its neighborhoods are in immediate danger of being wiped out as one was the first day of the fire. So we've been pretty lucky so far in this region (knock on highly flammable wood.)

Something I forgot to mention last night is that, listening very carefully, I could hear some small crickets buzzing in the distance to the south, and there was one lone cricket in my front yard. Apparently it hasn't gotten quite cold enough at night to wipe them all out yet. Tonight isn't expected to be any colder than last night was, and upcoming nights are all about the same or a bit warmer, so they'll probably survive a bit longer. They are nowhere near as noisy as they were during the hot weather, though, so I can live with them.

Now I'm going to go make some ramen with carrots, zucchini, and mushrooms. I kept forgetting I bought mushrooms this week, so I have to start using them before they go bad. They stay edible for several days, but soon begin to smell bad if they hang around too long. Sort of like my journal entries.