October 10th, 2017



After smelling of smoke all day, the air finally cleared around sunset when the breeze shifted back to the north. There hasn't been any actual wind today, just soft breezes, so the fire hasn't expanded by much. It'sonly 40% contained though, so we'll probably be smelling it again tomorrow when the southern breeze returns.

It's supposed to be cooler tomorrow, and the milder weather isn't expected to return until the weekend. But there is finally rain in the forecast— not soon, but a week from Thursday, and some possibly the previous night. By then I'd expect the fires will be out, so no help there.

Maybe it is because of the smoke, but I've been feeling seriously non-energetic all day. Normally the milder weather of fall energizes me, but not today. Maybe tomorrow I'll feel like doing something, but tonight all I want to do is curl up in front of the television and probably fall asleep within an hour or so. Reality is falling into desuetude.