October 9th, 2017



Snacking on peanuts because I keep getting hung up on doing stuff on the Internets and haven't gotten around to fixing my dinner. This is why my pants are too tight. Internet! I also haven't gotten around to dealing with the trash that has to go into the wheelie bins so I can put them out for pickup tomorrow. Internet! I also failed to turn off the television for about two hours this afternoon when I got hung up after coming in here to just quickly check the email. Internet!

Internet is the devil!

The wind is not the devil, but it has been impish today. Around noon it had grown still and so I swept all the tree detritus from the back porch and walkway, and not half an hour later the wind returned and blew it all back to where it had been. In league with the trees the wind has also filled my rain gutters with leaves and pine needles. Those will have to be removed before the next rain. There's none in the forecast, but the weather can change quickly this time of year, so I should get to it as soon as possible.

The forecast has already changed since yesterday, with very cool days and very chilly nights replacing the mild days and cool nights starting Wednesday that were in the forecast yesterday. It looks like my gas bill is going to be a bit higher than I'd hoped. I'll probably start eating more and putting on winter weight, too. The furnace will become essential tomorrow night, and will probably remain a nocturnal necessity even when the days get a bit warmer again this weekend and early next week. Unless, of course, one of those unexpected changes arrives and we end up either roasting or freezing then. California autumn is like a box of chocolates. Full of surprises and it will probably make you fat and sick.

Totally forgot to mention that among the swarm of wildfires that has struck California during this brief spell of warmer weather, two are within smelling distance of my house. One is below my side of town and the other below the other side of town. The one below the other side of town is smaller, at 75 acres, and just started this afternoon, but is actually closer to my house, probably only about five miles away.

The one below my side of town is about ten or twelve miles away, started last night, but is already much bigger, at 7,500 acres, and is only 25% contained. It's also headed this way, but I don't know how fast. The wind usually blows down the mountain by night, so it might not be a big threat just yet. I wasn't aware of either fire until I checked the Cal Fire web site just now, though I did smell smoke for a while earlier today. I suppose I ought to keep an eye on them. I'll be really pissed off if my house burns down after I've gone to the trouble of putting those wheelie bins out.