October 7th, 2017

caillebotte_the orangerie

An All But Forgotten Day

The nephew coughed up some cash so I was able to complete today's shopping without compromising, except for one item I particularly wanted that the store didn't have. Oh, and also the one thing that I forgot, which happens pretty regularly these days. I should probably try to organize my lists better, so I'd be less likely to overlook things.

So I've got fresh foodstuffs in the house, but that was pretty much all that happened in the local real world today. At least it's all I can remember happening. Possibly there was some event so astonishing that my brain was unable to process it, and it has left my memory. If anybody hears anything about it, please tell me. But don't make the tale too interesting, or my brain will re-overload and I'll just forget all about it again.

Oh, no English people murdered one another on television tonight. I'm so disappointed.