October 3rd, 2017



Last night didn't get quite as cold as predicted, thanks to the thickening of the clouds. It was sunny most of today, but clouds gathered again toward evening, and maybe we'll get lucky once more tonight. The extra five degrees of warmth we had last night surely helped with my gas bill, and I'd like some more, please. By Thursday the days will be balmy again, and I should be able to capture enough heat to keep the furnace off all night, perhaps through the middle of next week.

Today the wind never reached the intensity it did yesterday, but we did get enough of it last night that I had to sweep some tree detritus from the porch again. The back yard is filling with leaves quite rapidly, and I'll soon have to do some raking. I'm not sure when the walnuts will start coming down, but it ought to be fairly soon, and they are much easier to spot if the ground is not covered in leaves.

It is only slightly breezy tonight, and the wind-phobic feral cat is no longer hiding. The clouds are scattered thinner than last night, but might still thicken up. The October moon tends to look full for a couple of nights before and after it actually is— something to do with the angle its at relative to Earth— and it certainly does look round tonight, though it's full on the fifth. It only lately cleared a clump of clouds, and will soon slip into another, but right now it is casting a very nice light through the thinning leaves, and the shadows of the trees are taking on their autumnal intricacy.

It's pretty chilly out, but I'm going to go watch the night for a while. In a couple of months it's going to be too cold for such pleasures. There's nothing I want to watch on television until ten o'clock, and I think the feral cats will be glad of my company. I'm sure the Internets can get along without me.