September 1st, 2017

gericault_the raft of the medusa 2


It's good thing I didn't find out before I went out today that the temperature was 109 degrees, or I'd have fainted at the door. As it was I just almost fainted at the door, and in the parking lots a few times, and in the car (which has no functioning air conditioning.) But almost fainting doesn't count, so I get no points. Tomorrow is supposed to be about four degrees cooler, so if I didn't faint today I probably won't faint tomorrow. Now that I think about it, that's really too bad. Unconsciousness is just what I need in weather like this.

It only just now got cool enough outside for me to open my windows and turn on the fan. It's likely the house (or the outdoors) won't get cool enough before morning for me to get to sleep. I had to have the air conditioner on this morning and afternoon (I turned it on about six o'clock and turned it off before I left for the stores about three o'clock this afternoon) and I'll probably have to repeat that tomorrow, and maybe Sunday as well. It's going to be an expensive electric bill this month.

Instead of dinner I had a piece of watermelon this evening, but I might get hungry during the night and have dinner-like then. At the moment the thought of food fills me with loathing. How do people who live in perpetually hot climates even survive? Today I had to keep hitching up my pants, which kept sliding down. I avoided being arrested for indecent exposure, but if this heat lasts much longer I'll lose enough weight that I'll end up in jail next week. Unless I can find an old pair of pants with a smaller waist.

The Internet connection has been acting up again, of course. It's off almost a much as it's on. It's on at the moment, and I'd better post this. If I don't I might not get another chance before midnight.