August 25th, 2017



I went shopping today after all, but bought little. Little was on sale, and I was getting a bit short of money, not only because it's near the end of the month but because I made a couple of account-draining purchases earlier (a five pack of Brita water filters, and four pairs of pants.) I'll be eating quite a bit of ramen this week, I think.

The evening was a bit strange. I took an unintentional nap about an hour long after I got back from the store, then went outside to refill the feral cats' water bowls. The hazy sky gave the sunset's afterglow a dusty, pale red hue, like the color of the wallpaper in a room where an old lady might have been dying in 1910. It made me very melancholy, and I went back into the house so I wouldn't have to see it anymore. But I still haven't shaken off the sadness that moment induced. I'll probably have it all night.

I'll go watch Colbert's Friday pastiche now. Maybe it will cheer me up.