August 21st, 2017

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


So I woke up in time to be outside during the eclipse. It was quite partial this far south, but There was still a dimming of the light and a cooling of the air, and the light falling though the leaves of the trees fell in crescent shapes on the back wall of my house.

Shortly before coverage reached its maximum some clouds drifted over the sun, and the crescents were lost. By the time the cloud had passed the effect had passed too, but the effect of the diminished temperatures brought on by the time spent in the moon's partial shadow persisted all day. We won't be so lucky tomorrow, when it will be a few degrees warmer. I wish we could have an eclipse every day all summer long.

Again, I spent so much time out enjoying the mild day, and then futzing around on Farcebook watching videos of it, that I've run out of time again. Or maybe the eclipse compressed time with its strange alignment. Anyway, I'm out of time. Later.